August 26, 2017

For She is a Jolly good writer- Funeral Oration delivered by Mallam Denja Abdullahi, President, Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA),at the burial of Chief Charry Ada-Otuyelu in Amaigbo in Imo State on 26th August, 2017

The one which we have all gathered to inter today, if we could see her now, must be looking at us with amusement,chuckling at our contrived solemn emotions and wondering at the next thing we will leave here to do without her. Triple Chief Charry Ada Onwu, as we fondly refereed to her in the writing community, was such an exquisite creation of God, with an infectiously sunny outlook on life.She was always the life of any company you find her. Indeed, she had been a good and lively companion to great writers from our clime, Chinua Achebe, Mabel Segun, Flora Nwapa, Wole Soyinka, Ken Saro Wiwa, Wale Ogunyemi, Mamman Vatsa and the rest. She was also a redoubtable and highly entertaining storyteller herself. We have read Ada Onwu’s many delightful stories for children and we have also watched her perform these same stories to enthralled audience of adults and children. She was the ultimate raconteur and griot that cannot be unhinged by deterrent words or the quizzical gaze of an expectant audience. Her foray into the world of cultural inquiry is signposted by her book “Good Morning, Mr Kolanut!” which throbs with the typical Ada Onwu’s zest for life.

Charry Ada Onwu contributions to our writing community through her commitment to the fraternity of an association of writers and her passion for nurturing fellow feeling among people of diverse ethnic compositions are well known to all of us. Alas! ,it is hard to contemplate that Chief Charry Ada Onwu, will not be at the next ANA Convention coming up in October, 2017, to tease us as usual and tell us to get off our worry horses and attune to the sunny side of life. To the family members who have lost a caring mother, grand mother, consoler, motivator and matriarch,be consoled that she had lived her time and had made her mark. She was a writer and would live on in her works. She has already been immortalized in the history of the Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA);in our memories in which she will be etched as long as we live and in our documentary film in which she is one of the narrators of the ANA story. Tripple Chief Charry Ada Onwu- Otuyelu, dance on to the ancestral dais with your nimble feet; this present dance of yours will be danced by all of us at appointed times.