July 26, 2020

Mr Camillus Ukah, former Vice President of the Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA) between 2015-2019 was on 18th July, 2020 elected as the new national President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), after a successful election in accordance with the ANA constitution and COVID-19 compliance of the Federal Government of Nigeria . The event which took place in Markurdi the Benue state Capital had in attendance members from each state chapter of ANA while Many ANA members joined the meeting via zoom among which are Prof Olu Obafemi, former ANA President, Dr Wale Okediran( former President and member ANA Advisory Council ) , Prof Remi Raji ( Former ANA President) , Prof Akachi Ezeigbo etc.
Other members of the national executive members elected at the Emergency General Meeting(EGM) convoked by the Association’s National Advisory Council in line with the provison of the ANA constition after the botched elections at the 38th Convention of the Association in November 2019 in Enugu are: Maik Ortserga - General Secretary (ANA Benue) Farida Mohammed - Vice-President (ANA Niger), Freeman Okosun - Asst. Secretary (ANA Oyo), Stella Touremi - Treasurer (ANA Bayelsa), Chimankpa Ogbueri - Financial Secretary (ANA Rivers), Matthew Taiwo - Auditor (ANA Kaduna), Wole Adedoyin - PRO South (ANA Osun), Umar Kakamu Aliyu (ANA Nasarawa) - PRO North (ANA Nasarawa), Bentex Torlafia - Legal Adviser (ANA Nasarawa), Charles Iornumbe- Ex Officio 1 (ANA Benue), Odono Matthew - Ex Officio 2 (ANA Ebonyi).
Other major decisions and resolutions reached at the EGM chaired by Prof Jerry Agada, a former President of the Association and a member of the National Advisory Council, were as follows:
1. That the Constitution of the Association of Nigerian Authors gives the Congress the power to discipline violators. Thus, the Congress out rightly declared the meeting held on 7th March 2020 in Abuja by a coterie of ANA Chapters Chairmen and the purported election of Mr. Ahmed Maiwada and his group at that meeting as illegal, null and void. As such, Mr. Maiwada and the members of his group have been expelled from the Association alongside ANA State/Chapter Executive and member found wanting by aiding and abetting the fraudulent election held during the period in question. The persons so expelled for various listed counts of violation of the ANA constitution and other forms of gross misconduct that have brought the Association into disrepute and public opprobrium are:
Ahmed Maiwada
Ngozi Chuma-Udeh
Akogun Tai Oguntayo
Patrick Oguejiofor
Owupele Francis
Usho Smith Adawa
Banma Baba Sulaiman
Dada Korede
Moses Joseph
Isa Ibrahim Dan Musa
Stanley Kavwam
Isaac Attah Ogezi
II. That the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and KMVL, concerning the Association’s property in Mpape Abuja, be suspended forthwith. KMVL wasthereby requested to hand over the existing property to the ANA National Executive Council led by Mr. Camillus Ukah and to provide a comprehensive account of its stewardship on the said property.That the ANA National Executive Council, led by Mr. Camillus Ukah, has been mandated by congress to set up an independent probe panel on the use or abuse of the Association’s property in Mapape Abuja, and to employ every legal instrument to safeguard the said property.
III. That all ANA State/Chapter Executive Councils whose tenures have expired should conduct an election under the supervision of the National Executive Council led by Mr. Camillus Ukah (which is duly recognized by the Advisory Council and the BOT). That every elected EXCO at state level should take charge of the affairs of their chapters and revalidate membership across board in line with the dictates of the constitution.That any ANA State/Chapter Executive or member that aids and abets Ahmed Maiwada and his group to fictionalize the Association shall be expelled from the Association.
In his acceptance speech, Camilus Chuma Uka promised to run an open door and inclusive administration. He further solicited the unwavering support of all ANA members across the country to enable the new EXCO to succeed.
Umar Yogiza Jr.
ANA Publicity Secretary
Wole Adedoyin
ANA Publicity Secretary(South)