July 26, 2020

On the 4th of November 2019, I expressed my unshakeable faith in the resilience of ANA to overcome the crisis orchestrated on it with the disruption of the elections that would have produced a new leadership at the 38th International Convention which held in Enugu in November 2019. Since then till now a lot has happened to reveal high drama of the quest for power in the writers' republic. Many masks were put on and off to befuddle the audience and spectators; but at the moment, watchers and onlookers are well informed of the motivation of every character in the drama that has played out.
I am therefore happy to inform the followers of this page , that will be rested and archived after this post, that a new leadership has eventually emerged to lead the Association into newer heights and is being led by Mr Camillus Chima Ukah as President. The leadership was elected on the 18th July 2020 at Makurdi at the Emergency General Meeting (EGM) convoked by the National Advisory Council with the support of the ANA BOT in line with the provision of the ANA 2012 Constitution.
I call on all ANA members across the Federation, ANA friends, supporters and partners to continue to extend their cooperation to this new leadership that has emerged.
Long Live ANA
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Denja Abdullahi
Immediate Past President, ANA